Colosseum, History of architecture

Colosseum is a remarkable building that symbolizes the achievements of ancient Roman architecture and culture. Colosseum was one of the greatest accomplishments of ancient Roman architects, which had survived to present days. In spite of destructions, Colosseum still impresses the imagination of modern people, whereas in the time of the Roman Empire, Colosseum was one of the most popular places, where people could entertain, watch gladiator fights, naval battles and other performances that strike the imagination of modern people. In this respect, Colosseum is the manifestation of the technological progress of the Roman Empire and its superiority over other states. At the same time, Colosseum performed an important social, cultural and political role. Therefore, Colosseum was a public place which mirrored the social hierarchy of the Roman society, its traditions and values.

STUDENTS: Niveditha and Sreepriya


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