Principal’s Desk

Prof. Ar. Nitin Saolapurkar
MURP, B.Arch

Phone: +91 98440 34368

It gives me great pleasure to connect with you through this medium and bring you the wonderful facets of learning at the BGSSAP. I feel proud to share the milestones that the Team BGS School of Architecture and Planning (BGS SAP) has achieved in our unrelenting quest towards our goals, our Vision and Mission.

With a dedicated and talented team of professors with vast industry and academic experience, we were able to achieve outstanding results with a 6th rank in order of merit in the Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU) for the 2020 batch. Many of our students have been awarded admission with scholarships in the American Universities!

Learning would be burdensome if it was not coupled with fun. So, in the five-year journey we at BGSSAP have fun on the way with Study tours, cultural fests, inter collegiate Sports meets and of course the field visits…all of it balances the rigour of Architectural studies at BGSSAP. Few institutions if any, would be able to boast of infrastructure as BGSSAP. Equipped with the best of facilities like 24/7 computer labs, a vast library, a hi speed WIFI campus, Swimming pool, a cricket stadium, a dedicated Auditorium, Badminton courts and more. This year BGSSAP students are enthusiastically participating in the All-India Solar Decathlon competition slated to be a forerunner in the sustainability awareness.

Our talented Professors continuously participate in seminars and publish quality papers building the intellectual capital and widening the collective knowledge resources.   Studying at the BGSSAP is a great privilege and leads to the development of a student into a wholesome professional. 

The worldwide Pandemic has affected every one of our lives in some major way.  It has changed the way of living, learning, working and our social interactions for ever. What the pandemic hasn’t able to conquer is the human spirit – which has risen above it and continues to inspiring life. This indomitable human spirit has also been our driving force as we continue to evolve BGSSAP into an institution par excellence in nurturing talent, imparting knowledge and inspiring young minds transforming them into creative young professionals equipped with niche skills and knowledge and judgement and as good contributing citizens of our society tomorrow.

Blessings are the invisible, but most invaluable silent ingredient of an endeavour, and we are fortunate to have from our Poojya Sri Sri Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji and his able spiritual guidance guides our journey towards striving in reaching higher!

I invite the new generation of aspiring students to the BGS SAP to join us and experience this unique wonderful journey of learning Architecture coupled with of all round personality and professional development through the years ahead

With best wishes and regards,

Nitin Saolapurkar
Principal, BGS SAP