An Inspiring Architect (Design of High Rise Buildings)

SUBJECT – Design of High Rise Buildings (Elective)

TOPIC – An Inspiring Architect

CRUX –The CCTV Headquarters or China Central Television Headquarters is a 234-metre (768 ft), 51-story skyscraper on East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road in the Beijing Central Business District (CBD). The tower serves as headquarters for China Central Television (CCTV) that was formerly at the old China Central Television Building located at 11 Fuxin Road some 15 km (9.3 mi) to the west.   

We chose this project as we found it unique and how this massive tower is made in such a way that it seems like it defies gravity ,this building resembles the infinite loop and also chose to look into the design aspects and the structural details done for the massive gravity defying cantilevered structure, also looking into the  simple landscape that beautifully compliments the massive structure by emphasizing it. 

STUDENTS: Tejas Kiran.M, Shashank SV, Vikram Setty


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