Student Council

  • “Students of today, leaders of tomorrow” – A student council is a body that mediates and shares ideas and interests of students’ to a higher authority and that’s exactly what the student council of BGSAP does with utmost dedication and responsibility.
  • BGSSAP proffered the idea way back in august 2015, right when it first began with just about 60 students. Ever since, the student body has blossomed into a more zealous, stable and determined team that safeguards the interests of every student. Organizing events – small and large, putting forth ideas for a student conducive environment, being the voice of the students as a whole is what the council stands for.
  • The council for the term 2017 – 2019 is headed by Tarun Gowda as president and Sneha as the vice president. The council manages meetings every once in a while documenting the minutes of the meeting to be published amongst students and faculty for transparency of decisions taken. The recent event KRIRA, an inter architecture college sports event was a success mostly due to the commitment of our council. Purushotham MJ (Sports President) and Kunal Jain (Sports Vice President) took over the event with much passion, pushing all horizons. Meghana Krishnan (Cultural President) along with Pratham Santhosh (Cultural vice president) took over organizing the inauguration and other related events. Aditya Kumar (Creative Director) and the creative crew managed to give the campus a vibrant uplift for a sporty ambience. Together the team created a memory that we as students cherish.
  • Dhanush (Advisor) the ex-President of the council (2016-2017) still remains a part of the council guiding and strengthening the views of the team as a whole. Anagha Hegde (NASA unit secretary) stepped up from the post of the Unit Designee for the year of 2019 with Aishwarya G as present Unit designee. The duo will now represent our college at all events held by NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) and Rohit R (ex Unit Secretary) completed his tenure exceptionally niching out a place for BGSSAP at the Annual NASA, 2019 for the very first time.
  • The student Council has indeed helped throw a spotlight on our college and helped achieve the holistic goal that our Dean, Prof. Dr. Ajai Chandran has keenly established for an anomalous method of learning and excelling in academics and extracurricular activities all at once.