Institutional Management System

The Institutional Management System Is a platform where the all-academic related details which are incorporated in the institute are made available to the student, parent, faculty concerned and the Dean. This is a platform which allows communication and accessibility of data beyond the classroom.

Starting from the ACADEMIC CALENDAR which helps one organise and plan, to TIMELY UPDATES on the PRESENCE of the ward, in the class is made available on this platform to the respective parents. The system helps follow the PERFORMANCE of students and provides visibility to the concerned parents about it. TIMELY ALERTS sent out help development of all students. The system allows SHARING KNOWLEDGE in the form of notes and questionnaires.

The management system helps in RECORDING AND RETRIEVING DATA. The system brings in clarity through database from which faculty, academic coordinators may function efficiently. The fortnightly reports generated by the system helps build the team efforts by allowing overviewing and perusal by the Dean.

It encompasses large REPOSITORY OF DATA that is uploaded and used for further development in every semester, facilitating CONTINUOUS ADVANCEMENT in the academic field.

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