Early History

Everybody is busy in their lives,  one seldom knows, where we come from, what was our past, why we are living in these modern structures which we call a house or how we started to communicate and why there is a need to communicate. How the modern form of transportation, machinery, and tools etc., came into existence.  

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Hence the need to understand our ancestors and their journey towards modern day lifestyle.

Assignment submitted by "Shwetha V"

During the course, the first year of architecture involves a study on "architectural history".  It helps you to understand the landscape and urban built environment, beginning with ancient times and progressing to contemporary life.


Understanding such history is important, it helps in fostering an appreciation for how surrounding structures affect our lives in a broader cultural context.

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Content: Sana Parveen and Chaitra KB

Edited: Vasudha Vasudev

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