Use of DIY Weather Tools to analyse Site Climate.

Architecture has to be nothing but a mindfully designed response to its climate.

Among the basic necessities of life is shelter, after food. And, ever since humans moved out of their caves, designed construction of buildings in which people live and work has dominated the collective thought. The same has been greatly influenced by the requirements of climate and its respective vernacular, demanding a harmony between the built and unbuilt.

In the early times, humans built responsibly with locally available materials, which responded constructively to the site climate. Though climatology may appear to be a new science an architect throughout the ages has been exercising control over climate through orientation, site and town-planning devices, such as brise-soleil, tree-planting, wind-breaks, etc.


But for some time now, we have created a new environment that, perhaps irreversibly, has changed the behaviour of the vernacular towards humans and their settlements. We may never be able to quantify if this is the ethical path to move forward. But, a debate seems necessary, especially among student architects, as fluctuating climatic conditions have become the norm, and better design reciprocations a necessity for a habitable future. Climate has ever been a design guide for buildings, and its control a major factor governing architecture.


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