Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sustainability is not about following a principles wile designing, nor is it just a set of guidelines, its an attitude one needs to acquire. This comes over a certain time and experience, while that happens it also becomes an in-debt responsibility to educate the society regarding the same. To convince a client to take a non conventional method of construction and planning is a huge task as well as a responsibility. This is constantly achieved by Biome Environmental Solutions, headed by Chitra Vishwanath and Vishwanath Srikantaiah,sustainability practised in its true sense.


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Study Tour – 2016

Visit to Auroville communities and Earth Centre

Who really is a responsible architect !? this is a question most of us throw back at ourselves, How do we become better architects, is something we ask ourselves constantly, do we need to be more socially responsible, do we need to aim at better sustainable solutions or should be just respond to client requirements? Is there a clear balance we can strike to achieve all this !!! We saw that clear balance in the Auroville practices... our students got the philosophical approaches which were converted to great designs and built forms. this was a truly inspirational study trip after


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Visit to campuses at Auroville and visit to Earth Centre

Practise what we preach, well this becomes the premise to most practices that thrive in Auroville. A truly sustainable and resilient approach to built forms of the settlement !! This community is a true reflection of how a life style choice or a principle can also be adopted in the way buildings are designed. The Earth Institute, widened the horizon of the students, in terms of the alternate building materials and techniques which could be used. In this visit the students took away little more than just the knowledge, they took back an attitude, an attitude and responsibility to make this world a better place.

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Mahabalipuram – Shore Temple

An absolute excellence of a Goliath monument at the shore of this historic city, which was the main highlight of our visit. One of the last standing South Indian pagodas among the seven monoliths which once stood proudly at the shore, is the temple at Mahabalipuram. The dramatic positing of the temple, which extends along the shore is a sight to watch, especially during the monsoon.
A travel guide from the archaeological department explained the historical significance of the temple and the influences on the temple premises, through various dynasties. Theoretically what was explained in a few hours of the history class, fell short of the experience this setting created. The main temple area, encompasses around the shrine to create a very intriguing enclosure and is mounted by two Gopurams on the top.

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Mahabalipuram – Rathas

The Pandava Rathas was introduced to students as a part of second semester history curriculum. They were naturally very keen to know how it would look in reality. While some were overwhelmed with the scale, some questioned the intent of making these standalone monoliths. There were a lot of restrictions in terms of the documentation process imposed by the authorities, but that didn’t stop one from having the right experience. The students also went about inquiring the tourists what intrigued them to come and visit this historic site to understand the architectural stance of this monument.

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Architecture study tour -2016 Day 1

Bangalore to Mahabalipuram
A small escape from busy academic schedule, led us to this beautiful small town on the shore in the Cuddlore District. This escapade led the students to explore the beautiful monolith rock cut architecture of the Mahabalipuram. The students were asked to document this historic site, through sketches and articles analysing the architectural features. This whole exploration was to interest the students to understand, what a mere block of rock can be used as to create an architectural marvel.
This journey to land centuries ago shall be explored by our students as a threefold program in various cultural settings.


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Talk by Ar. Israel Gnanaraj

What do you like about architecture? Was the first question he asked the students and as much as to our surprise, students were perplexed too. But as he spoke about what a design idea is, what a concept is to his experience of working with Bawa, they all realized whatever is learnt in the studio could be adopted as a process in real-time design too. As he spoke about his exploration of his design ideas and how all his projects slowly tended to become sustainable designs, he also connected with the students of second year by saying how important it is to inculcate this habit from the beginning.



Matri Mandir

Mother had the thought and a vision and reality was this beautiful sanctum at Auroville. Geodesic dome in its true sense, but philosophically it’s a point of origin. The magnificent dome, which is gold plated, truly represents the vision of the community and symbolises the true aurovillian spirit.
The students spent hours looking around the Mandir and capturing essence of the space through sketches. A big thanks to Ar. Ram working at Auroville for stopping by to have a quick word with our students.


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Architecture study tour Day 2: Auroville and Pondicherry

There is always an origin and a start for a settlement or a community, which gradually transcends to a small city in itself. There is a great deal of attachment to the value with which the settlement develops and how that develops into a way of live. There is no other settlement to witness all these qualities to its optimum best, than at Auroville.
Likewise, in any city there would be an advent or a very strong western influence, even then how the city modifies and manipulates these influences to suit locals is what’s interesting and one such settlements is Pondicherry.
The students were allowed to explore the city through a walk and which was followed by a talk by an eminent architect Ar.Israel Gnanaraj.


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