Ar. Indu Sathyendran

Indu Sathyendran is a Conservation Architect and Historic Building Consultant with over 9 years of experience in the field. After having graduated in Architecture from Manipal Institute of Technology in 2006 she worked for Abha Narain Lambah Associates, Mumbai, where she worked on historic buildings, monuments and sites in Mumbai and Rajasthan. A scholarship at the University of Bath lead to a Masters degree in the field of Conservation of Historic buildings which she graduated with honours. During the course of her study, she attended a conservation fellowship in Rome as a British Scholar.

Following her graduation, she worked with Peregrine Bryant Architecture and Conservation, London, for over three years on various conservation, adaptive reuse, residential and interior projects in and around London and England. From 2011, Indu has been working on various projects in Kerala which include resorts, museums, residential, interiors and landscape projects as well as conservation of heritage buildings in the state. Taking a sabbatical from work in 2015, she worked as Art Director for a few advertisements and started a handmade home decor business. Indu is also a keen photographer, avid traveller and writer. She joined BGSSAP as Associate Professor in August 2016.