Ar. Chendira T Manjunath

M Arch. (Environmental Architecture)
Professor, BGSSAP

"More than two decades of experience in the field of architecture has enabled to involve in academics and design various projects, developing ideas and methods in the following aspects of architecture;
Alternate building materials and technology, Sustainable green Architecture. Energy and Resource Conservation, Waste management and Integration of vernacular ideas and techniques to the present context, Values in Architectural practice, Development of Designs theories and Architectural pedagogy.
Conducted various hands on workshops, seminars and conferences.
Invited by Visveswaraya Technological Institute and other Schools of Architecture as a member of Local Inspection Committee and Board of Examination.
The academic world has given an opportunity to instill the passion to learn-relearn, invent-reinvent, condition-uncondition… Communicate, Interact, Motivate, Guide and Assist the students to feel and experience the bliss of growing up into valued human beings."